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Reference # Title Tender Type Close Date (Pacific/Auckland)   Sort tender by date
30512 Healthy Homes Initiative Project 30512 RFP 5:00 PM 3 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
P22-511 RFP for Commercial Dishwasher Solution - Counties Manukau District RFP 2:00 PM 6 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
CT-21-C-00587 CAF Community Project (Hillmorton Hospital Waitaha Canterbury) ROI 4:00 PM 6 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
P7573+P7290 Early Contract Involvement (ECI) for Upgrades to Central Utilities Plant and HVAC Assets - Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora - Te Toka Tumai Auckland (formerly Auckland District Health Board) RFP 4:00 PM 11 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
National sector guidance to prevent and manage diabetes-related complications RFP 5:00 PM 12 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
CT-21-C-00651 Catheter Lab 3 Out Fit Project (Christchurch Hospital Campus, Waitaha Canterbury) ROI 4:00 PM 14 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
23PROCMAINT011 Christchurch Womens Hospital Switchboard Replacement (Waitaha Canterbury) RFP 3:00 PM 17 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
OPS0306/22-23/03 Promotion Nōku te Ao Like Minds Media Monitoring, Management of Media Grants and Social Media Monitoring RFP 5:00 PM 17 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
Hard Facilities Management Consultant - Health New Zealand -Te Whatu Ora - Te Toka Tumai Auckland RFP 5:00 PM 21 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
30535 - 02 Improving Access to Gender-Affirming Care - Community Driven Models of Care RFP 12:00 PM 24 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
30504 Electronic Medicine Information Resource ROI 4:00 PM 28 Apr 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
WT-19-C-04-008 Waitakere Hospital Manaaki Hōhonu RFP Main Works Contractor Te Whatu Ora Health NZ- Waitematā RFP 12:00 PM 4 May 2023 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)