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O-BEN2022-06 (406817) - Design of a benthic habitat recovery monitoring programme for the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and a baseline survey


Tender Closed
RFx ID : 25995032
Tender Name : O-BEN2022-06 (406817) - Design of a benthic habitat recovery monitoring programme for the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and a baseline survey
Reference # : O-BEN2022-06 (406817)
Open Date : Q2 2022
Indicative RFx Release Date  : Q3 2022  [?]
Department/Business Unit : Fisheries New Zealand
Tender Type : Future Procurement Opportunity (FPO)
Project Status : Initial development  [?]
Indicative Total Value : $500K - $1M  [?]
Expected number of contracts offered : 1
Tender Coverage : Sole Agency  [?]
Categories :
  • 70000000 - Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services
  • New Zealand
Required Pre-qualifications : None
Contact : Chloe Wilson

Overall Objective:
To design a programme to monitor the recovery of benthic habitats in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park following changes to the management of mobile bottom fishing, and to collect baseline data to support this programme.

Specific Objectives:
1. To design a long-term monitoring programme to enable the assessment of benthic habitat change following the closure of areas to mobile bottom fishing as set out in the Hauraki Gulf Fisheries Plan.
2. To collect baseline data as required and described by the outputs of Specific Objective 1.
3. Broader outcomes.

Mobile bottom fishing methods, such as trawling, Danish seining, and dredging, can have adverse effects on benthic environments and biological communities. Numerous reviews of the effects of trawling and dredging, both local and international, generally all indicate changes in the composition of benthic communities and physical alterations to habitat structure, with the scale of these effects dependent on the gear type used and the habitat fished. Studies on the recovery of benthic habitats and communities following closures to bottom fishing are rarer and in many cases require long-term monitoring programmes.

Monitoring areas following closure to bottom fishing will improve our understanding of and expectations for benthic habitat recovery, which could facilitate a transition towards a more ecosystem-based management approach. Given the rarity of recovery studies, the impending changes to the spatial management of bottom fishing activities in the HGMP presents an opportunity to design and implement a monitoring programme which will assess changes in benthic communities and habitats following the closure of areas to mobile bottom fishing.

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