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Closed Tenders

RFx ID Reference # Title   Sort tender title by alphabetical ascending order Tender Type Close Date Organisation
20785720 J3235 Whakatane Hospital_Alterations and Refurbishment of existing Boiler House & Workshops-Bldg 23 ROI 4:00 PM 22 Mar 2019 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Bay of Plenty District Health Board
18842393 J3040-3_W20.A.2017 Whakatane Hospital_Mental Health Facility Refurbishment - Stage 3 ROI 4:00 PM 16 Aug 2017 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Bay of Plenty District Health Board
16831447 [None] Whakatane Intermediate - Classroom Block Re-Development ROI 10:00 PM 29 Oct 2015 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Ministry of Education
22568990 20-053 Whakatane Main Wharf and Ohope Wharf Reinforced Concrete Refurbishment ROI 3:00 PM 7 May 2020 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Whakatane District Council
20568150 19-031 Whakatane Skatepark Extension RFT 3:00 PM 15 Jan 2019 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Whakatane District Council
20864488 19-031 Whakatane Skatepark Extension RFT 3:00 PM 16 Apr 2019 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Whakatane District Council
25889558 [None] Whakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Programme RFT 12:00 PM 11 Jul 2022 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Department of Conservation
14983384 PRJ11-19 Whakatu Arterial Link Whakatu Arterial Link - Contractor Briefing NOI 4:00 PM 14 Aug 2015 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Hastings District Council
24270529 MOE12161 Whānau-led learning in the home RFI 10:00 AM 19 May 2021 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Ministry of Education
20999232 [None] Whanau by Whanau - Invitation to Partner (Skilled Practitioners) RFP 12:00 PM 19 Jun 2019 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Tamaki Redevelopment Company
25020178 MOE07978 Whānau In-Home Learning RFP 10:00 AM 30 Nov 2021 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Ministry of Education
16591830 RCS2014/2015-1340 Whangamaire Floodgate Inlet Upgrade: Construction Works RFT 1:00 PM 16 Oct 2015 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Waikato Regional Council
22405523 [None] Whanganui District Health Board Building Refurbishment NOI 5:00 PM 13 Mar 2020 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Whanganui District Health Board
22578367 [None] Whanganui District Health Board Building Refurbishment NOI 12:00 PM 4 May 2020 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Whanganui District Health Board
22610822 [None] Whanganui District Health Board Building Refurbishment RFT 5:00 PM 29 Jun 2020 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Whanganui District Health Board
26004475 [None] Whanganui Prison Wastewater and Pipeline Construction ROI 12:00 PM 29 Jul 2022 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Department of Corrections
17044412 GB151201 Whangarei DC Electricity Tender Opportunity ROI 4:00 PM 17 Dec 2015 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Energy and Technical Services trading as Carbon EMS
18398033 14691 Whangarei High and District Court: ROI for Main Building Contractors ROI 2:00 PM 9 Mar 2017 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Ministry of Justice
24021586 [None] Whangarei Maori Land Court Main Construction Contractor NOI 5:00 PM 23 Mar 2021 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Ministry of Justice
7611912 Contract No. 14/09 Whangarei Urban Rivers Maintenance Works 2015 RFT 4:30 PM 2 Feb 2015 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Northland Regional Council
21826442 209396,209397,209398,209399 Whangaruru Primary School Roofing, electrical and drainage works RFT 5:00 PM 19 Nov 2019 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Ministry of Education - School Infrastructure
16859015 Contract 15/14 Whangatane Spillway Modification Kaitaia RFT 4:00 PM 12 Nov 2015 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Northland Regional Council
18345859 A12295 Wharves, Reef Passages and Bridge Rehabilitation - Tokelau ROI 1:00 PM 1 Mar 2017 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) New Zealand Aid Programme
24966500 [None] WHG - Community Mental Health Hub at Manaia House RFT 5:00 PM 25 Nov 2021 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00) Northland District Health Board
18873965 [None] Whiteware Goods and Services NOI 12:00 PM 29 Aug 2017 (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Ministry of Social Development
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