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Building Warrant of Fitness Supplier


Tender Closed
RFx ID : 25470093
Tender Name : Building Warrant of Fitness Supplier
Reference # :
Open Date : Q1 2022
Indicative RFx Release Date  : Q2 2022  [?]
Tender Type : Future Procurement Opportunity (FPO)
Project Status : Initial development  [?]
Categories :
  • 72101500 - Building maintenance and repair services
  • 72102900 - Facility maintenance and repair services
  • 72103100 - Conveyance systems installation and repair
  • 72103300 - Infrastructure maintenance and repair services
  • 72151200 - Heating and cooling and air conditioning HVAC construction and maintenance services
  • 72151500 - Electrical system services
  • Hawke's Bay
Required Pre-qualifications : None
Contact : Bex Smiley
Agency Address :
Related Tenders:

Napier City Council (NCC) is interested in securing a Building Warrant of Fitness supplier to co-ordinate the inspection, maintenance and reporting on Specified Systems in accordance with Compliance Schedules across 24 building assets. These include:
• SS1 - automatic sprinkler system
• SS2 - Automatic or manual emergency warning systems for fire
• SS3 - Electromagnetic or automatic doors
• SS4 – Emergency lighting systems
• SS7 – Automatic backflow preventers
• SS8 – Lifts and travellator
• SS9 – Mechanical ventilation
• SS12 – Audio loop
• SS13 – Smoke control systems
• SS14 – Signs relating to SS1-13
• SS15 – final exits, fire/smoke separations, and evacuation signage
The successful supplier will also be responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of HVAC systems that may not be subject to a Compliance Schedule as well as hand operated firefighting equipment.
We anticipate that the successful supplier will be able to:
1. Meet our health and safety (H&S) requirements, particularly on site works
2. Provide an appropriate level of professional indemnity and public liability insurance
3. Have the ability to stand up additional resources at short notice, to cover reactive maintenance and break downs
4. Work cost effectively, ensuring a priority on outcomes over process to deliver maximum value for rate payers

This is a Future Procurement Opportunity (FPO). A FPO has replaced the Annual Procurement Plan information previously available to suppliers on MBIE’s website. A FPO is an alert to suppliers of potential upcoming procurement activity. It does not represent a commitment to procure but provides an indication to the market about the potential future activity.

Suppliers can subscribe to this FPO. NCC may use this supplier list to learn of potential respondents. If an RFx is released, the FPO will be linked to the RFx. If an open tender process is to be used, those suppliers who have subscribed to the FPO will get automatically notified of the RFx being released. If a closed tender process is to be used, suppliers will be invited directly to participate.

No information is required to be submitted in response to this FPO. Questions may be directed to the point of contact. Please note however, due to where we are in our planning there is limited further information available.

RFx Outcome

This tender has been completed.

Date RFx was completed/updated: Tuesday, 26 July 2022 4:06 PM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)