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Registration of Interest to join a panel of suppliers for track work in the lower North Island and South Island


Tender Closed
RFx ID : 24625290
Tender Name : Registration of Interest to join a panel of suppliers for track work in the lower North Island and South Island
Reference # :
Open Date : Monday, 2 August 2021 3:30 PM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)
Close Date  : Tuesday, 5 October 2021 12:00 PM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+13:00)
Tender Type : Registration of Interest (ROI)
Tender Coverage : Sole Agency  [?]
Categories :
  • 72000000 - Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
  • 95000000 - Land and Buildings and Structures and Thoroughfares
  • New Zealand
Required Pre-qualifications : None
Contact : DOC Procurement Team
Please direct all communication through GETS
Alternate Physical Delivery Address  : N/A
Alternate Physical Fax Number  : N/A
Agency Address :

The Department of Conservation ("DOC") is establishing a panel of suitable contractors for the construction and upgrade of public-use tracks in DOC's Lower North Island region and all four South Island regions. Also included in the panel's scope will be the cutting and maintaining of tracks that DOC uses for biodiversity purposes (and which are not intended for public use) in DOC's Western and Southern regions of the South Island. Contractors are able to select in this Registration of Interest ("ROI") the region(s) and the type(s) of work they apply for for panel membership.

The purpose of the panel is to make it easy for both DOC and contractors to be engaged for specific track work activities. (DOC already has a similar track panel in place for the remainder of the North Island.)

Once the panel is established, track work will be allocated to panel members by a secondary procurement process. The documents accompanying this ROI describe the secondary procurement process.

Note that prior to the panel resulting from this ROI coming into effect, DOC will continue to issue, where relevant, procurement requests (such as Requests for Tenders) for specific track work engagements in these regions. Thus, there will be an interim period when DOC may be undertaking on GETS procurement activity for specific track work engagements in the Lower North Island and South Island and, also on GETS, this establishment of the Lower North Island and South Island track panel.

RFx Outcome

This tender has been completed.

Further information:
Agency: Department of Conservation, 18 Manners Street, Wellington

Registration of Interest for an open panel of contractors for track works (Biodiversity (Bio) tracks and Public-use tracks) in DOC’s Lower North Island (LNI) and four South Island regions (Northern (NSI), Eastern (ESI), Western (WSI), Southern (SSI) South Island).
Contracts awarded on 11 August 2022, each with maximum term of 11 years and 9 months (initial term of approx 2 years and 9 months, plus 3 x 3-year rights of renewal).
Spend under panel’s secondary procurements estimated at $13.2 million over maximum term.

Successful suppliers selected to the panel:
Abseil Access NZBN 9429038895821 (on panel for Bio WSI SSI; Public LNI NSI ESI WSI SSI)
Downer NZBN 9429039194114 (on panel for Bio WSI SSI; Public LNI NSI ESI WSI SSI)
Fulton Hogan 9429040318080 (Public LNI NSI ESI WSI SSI)
Godfrey Pest Management 9429035838180 (Bio WSI SSI)
Haast Trappers (legal name PH & AG Partnership) 9429045823831 (Bio WSI SSI)
HGM Construction 9429034288559 (Public LNI NSI ESI WSI SSI)
High Country Contracting 9429041195376 (Bio WSI SSI)
John Henderson Construction 9429036811083 (Public ESI WSI SSI)
M3 Contracting (legal name Metres Cubed Limited) 9429041356166 (Public ESI WSI SSI)
Mackenzie Country Contracting 9429048311373 (Bio SSI; Public ESI, SSI)
Mammalian Corrections Unit 9429031478922 (Bio WSI SSI)
McIntyre Construction 9429035353973 (Public LNI)
Nelmac 9429038613579 (Bio WSI; Public LNI NSI ESI WSI SSI)
Otago Pest Services 9429033365343 (Bio WSI SSI)
Recreation Construction (2021) 9429049314205 (Public NSI ESI WSI SSI)
Sierra Delta Civil 9429047326842 (Public LNI)
Siteworx Civil 9429042316930 (Bio WSI; Public LNI NSI ESI WSI)
Summit Contracting 9429046720573 (Bio WSI SSI)
TGL Contracting 9429041318638 (Public LNI NSI ESI WSI SSI)
Wanaka Civil 9429047906648 (Public SSI)
WestReef Services 9429038625633 (Public LNI NSI ESI WSI SSI)
Westroads 9429038655081 (Public ESI WSI)
Wilson Contractors 9429035710226 (Public SSI)

Date RFx was completed/updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2022 3:32 PM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00)