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1176-01 Freshwater Farm Plans National Certifier and Auditor Appointment System


Tender Closed
RFx ID : 26121325
Tender Name : 1176-01 Freshwater Farm Plans National Certifier and Auditor Appointment System
Reference # : 1176-01-FPO
Open Date : Q3 2022
Indicative RFx Release Date  : Q3 2022  [?]
Department/Business Unit : Procurement & Contracting
Tender Type : Future Procurement Opportunity (FPO)
Project Status : Confirmed  [?]
Indicative Total Value : $1M - $5M  [?]
Tender Coverage : Sole Agency  [?]
Categories :
  • 43000000 - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
  • 70000000 - Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services
  • 80000000 - Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services
  • 81000000 - Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services
  • New Zealand
Required Pre-qualifications : None
Contact : Procurement
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In 2020 the Government released the Essential Freshwater Package of reforms that includes the requirement for every farm (above a certain size threshold) to have a Freshwater Farm Plan (FWFP).

FWFPs are a new legal instrument established under Part 9A of the Resource Management Act (RMA) (sections 217A to 217M). As part of this, the RMA establishes two new statutory roles for FWFPs – certifiers and auditors, to ensure that the FWFPs developed meet the requirements of the regulations (certifiers) and that actions are being implemented (auditors).

A certifier and auditor appointment system, and associated administration is required to provide assurance of certifier and auditor professionalism and competency across New Zealand, and assist Regional Councils in the implementation of the FW FP system.

This FPO relates to the proposed procurement of services and deliverables to develop and establish the certifier and auditor appointment system and potentially support capability and capacity development of the workforce required to enable implementation of FWFPs across approximately 30,000-40,000 farms, to support regional councils in their lead role as implementors of the system.

Any subsequent RFP issued in relation to this requirement will be seeking to appoint a provider with the expertise and capability to:
1. Design the business model (including legal structure, operating model, organisation design, business systems and processes, resourcing) for the appointment system solution (in partnership with Regional Councils, the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry for Primary Industries)
2. Design, develop and operate the administration of the certifier and auditor appointment process, to support regional councils in their lead implementation role, including selection and training, code of ethics, review, complaints, and disciplinary process

This is a Future Procurement Opportunity (FPO). A FPO is an alert to suppliers of a potential upcoming procurement activity. It does not represent a commitment by the Ministry for the Environment to procure, however provides an indication to the market about the potential future activity. Suppliers can subscribe to this FPO, and the Ministry may use this list to assist with market research. When the RFP is released, the FPO will be linked to the RFP so that those suppliers who have subscribed to the FPO will be automatically notified of the RFP being released.