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Auckland Council Physical Works Capex Forward Works Programme


Tender Closed
RFx ID : 28208496
Tender Name : Auckland Council Physical Works Capex Forward Works Programme
Reference # :
Open Date : Q4 2023
Indicative RFx Release Date  : Q4 2023  [?]
Tender Type : Future Procurement Opportunity (FPO)
Project Status : Initial development  [?]
Tender Coverage : Sole Agency  [?]
Categories :
  • 30000000 - Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies
  • 72000000 - Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
  • 95000000 - Land and Buildings and Structures and Thoroughfares
  • Auckland
Required Pre-qualifications : None
Contact : AC Procurement

This forward works programme is a high level report on the planned capex projects for our major spend areas issued for the purpose of supply market pipeline view.
The dates provided are indicative only and subject to change depending on the design readiness, investigation delays and consent delays. We anticipate to update the programme every quarter.

From the time this report is prepared some of the projects in the programme may have already been issued to the market or being tendered.

Projects within the programme may get re-prioritised depending on the budget availability, Council/Local Board priorities and other factors.

Auckland Council Group has several panels of suppliers in place through various market exercises as part of the category strategies and bulk of this forward programme will be delivered through the existing supplier panels as closed tenders.
The majority of minor capex projects for Parks & Community Facilities are delivered through Council’s Facilities Maintenance contractors/panel suppliers (<$300k) for delivery efficiencies and synergies.

Further information can be seen on the attached excel spreadsheet.

Note: The same information is available for viewing/download from the Infrastructure Commission website: